Arthroscopy introduction

ARTHROSCOPY of the knee is an operation in which a small camera and surgical instruments are inserted into your knee through two or three small (1cm) puncture wounds. The structures within the knee are assessed including the meniscus (mobile footballer’s cartilage), the synovium (lining of the knee), the articular cartilage (joint surfaces), and the cruciate ligaments (stabilizing structures).

The most common procedures performed include removing a torn portion of a meniscus, removal of a loose fragment within the knee which causes locking or catching of the joint, tidying up of worn areas of the joint articulating surface, and release of fibrous bands which can cause restriction of movement of the joint.

Surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic and the procedure takes between 20 – 40 minutes depending on what needs to be done. Surgery is usually performed as a Day Case procedure so that you will usually be able to go home 2 – 4 hours after the operation. Sometimes, for medical reasons, you are required to stay overnight.

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