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Orthopaedic Knee Review

Appendix A – Arthroscopy of the Knee

Introduction Arthroscopy of the knee is an operation in which a small camera, and possibly surgical instruments, are inserted into the knee through two or three small puncture wounds.  Understanding what the basic procedure entails is straightforward if we look at the etymology of the word.  arthro- :  relating to joints  scopy: viewing, observation or…


Outcome Evaluation After Surgery

Mr Spalding helped pioneer the National Ligament Registry, monitoring outcome after Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. The registry, ‘designed by surgeons for the benefit of patients’, provides data on the success and failure of the operation and by such analysis helps improve results in the future. go to www.uknlr.co.ukFor other operations you may be asked to…


Joint Supplements

NSP is a 41 year old Network Marketing Company manufacturing and distributing ‘high end’,, organic supplements and health products.  The main product areas are Daily Nutrition, Weight Management, Sports Nutrition and Combinations for specific health issues. They have a global reputation for quality and safety being approved by the FDA and all other relevant Governmental…


Knee OA and Weight

But what if I already have knee OA? If you already have problems with your knees there is clear evidence that losing weight reduces the symptoms of pain and immobility and can delay or prevent surgical intervention. These findings are regardless of the level of structural damage caused by OA, improvement in symptoms is found…


How Does Weight Affect My Knees

We are a growing population, not just in number but also in size! In 2011 almost 25% of the English population was obese and these numbers continue to rise. Most of us understand that being significantly overweight can cause all sorts of problems with health such as high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes, but…


Evaluation Program

Evaluating the benefit of the surgery is important benefitting patients now and in the future. All patients undergoing the operation are asked to be part of an ongoing outcome assessment project, completing short questionnaires assessing symptom and activity levels before and after the surgery. Only by knowing results in detail can the service be improved…


Results at Coventry

Over 140 procedures have now been undertaken and University Hospital Coventry and Warwickshire NHS Trust remains the leading referral centre for the UK. Mr Spalding and Mr Thompson now have over 10 years’ experience of the technique and through continued analysis and lecturing internationally the team is one of the leading centres in the world….