Knee Injury and Re-injury Prevention Programs

The links under this section are excellent injury prevention programs:

LEIPP Program:

See this link for the 14 specific exercise videos that make up the LEIPP (Lower Extremity Injury Prehab Program) from the University of Kentucky’s College of Medicine Orthopaedics website. 

FIFA program:

 The FIFA official web source for everything related to the FIFA 11+ Injury prevention programme. Read the background and the scientific papers of the FIFA 11+, watch the FIFA 11+ Exercises, scroll through the FIFA 11+ Manual, download the FIFA 11+ Material and much more.

The Oslo Sports Trauma Research Centre:

An international research group showed that a neuromuscular training program can not only reduce injury risk, but also improve performance. The encouraging findings are just published in British Journal of Sports Medicine. A link to the paper is contained in the website

Further research link  to the scientific research paper

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