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Email communication

E-Mail has clearly become the mainstay of general communication, but this can raise issues when used for communication of sensitive patient medical related information.

Recently a position paper was published from the American College of Physicians and the Federation of State Medical Boards.

This examines and provides recommendations about the influence of social media on the patient-physician relationship, the role of these media in public perception of physician behaviors, and strategies for physician-physician communication that preserve confidentiality while best using these technologies.

Mr Spaldings policy on using E-mail for communication is to follow the recommendations ( see Link) which are compiled from the US article and from UK GMC and professional indemnity sources

Full Reference: Online Medical Professionalism: Patient and Public Public Relationships:Policy statement from from the American College of Physicians and the federation of State Medical Boards. Jeanne M. Farnan, MD, MHPE, et al.: Ann Intern Med. 2013;158(8):620-627. If you do not wish to receive communication by email then please inform Mr Spalding or his office

Make a Booking

To make an appointment please contact Mr Spaldings’s secretary Nicki on 01926 772731 or by email

REFERRAL LETTERS: Whilst it is not necessary to have contacted your GP or insurance company before booking an appointment to see Mr Spalding, it is important that do you have a referral letter from your GP, as this summarises the relevant problems and important past history. You can bring this referral letter with you or it can be sent by your GP to the address below.

Address for referral letters:
Nuffield Health Warwickshire Hospital
Old Milverton Lane
Leamington Spa, Warwickshire
CV32 6RW

Payment Terms

Dealing with your Insurance Company
During every step of the process, you need to keep your insurance company informed in order to obtain approval for further appointments, physiotherapy or MRI or surgery etc.
Each insurance company is different with a different level of requirement but they are usually very helpful. If you have any difficulties or need any specific procedure codes and information for the insurance company then please contact Nicki on the office phone number or by email.

Please enquire about Outpatient consultation prices for uninsured or self pay patients

Inside The Clinic

You will be offered an appointment time and Mr Spalding makes every effort to try and keep to that time. However as you may appreciate sometimes appointments may take longer and there may be a wait. It is a balance between keeping to time and offering everyone a high quality of service.

It is helpful if you could please bring with you:

  • Referral letter from the GP if it has not already been sent by the GP.
  • Any previous letters or correspondence relating to your knee problem.
  • Any relevant xrays or MRI scans
  • Shorts or appropriate clothing as it is important to be able to examine the whole knee and leg during the consultation.

In clinic Mr Spalding will spend time discussing your symptoms and then examine your knee(s) prior to discussing various options for treatment.

It may be necessary to take xrays which can either be performed on the same day or at a later time. MRI scans are usually performed on another day if required.

Physiotherapy Arrangements

You may well have had physiotherapy prior to the operation and it is expected that you would go back to the same physiotherapist afterwards for the post operative rehabilitation.
Sometimes it is appropriate to undergo different physiotherapy and this should be discussed with Mr Spalding. He has a network of linked physiotherapists who have similar interest and dedication to helping knee problems.

We currently recommend therapists within our physiotherapy network, though this is ever expanding.