phase 5 rehab knee

Phase 5

Early Sport Training Phase – Month 3 – 6

Aim phase 5 rehab knee
Pivoting and cutting movements are introduced at this stage, building up to light sport training. This involves a progressive programme of slow and moderate speed strength training and agility drills. Manual work should be possible within the restraints of the occupation. Exercises for power and agility training are introduced.
Many sport specific skill training exercises can be introduced at this stage and detail for particular sports is given in the next section as there is some overlap during these phases. The new ligament is still at significant risk of re-injury or of stretching out if progress back to full levels of sport is too fast.

There is no one solution that fits all individuals great emphasis is given on the care in progressing through this phase back to sport. Supervision by a Physio, sports coach or trainer is key, as drill and skill acquisition is dependent on individual muscular control patterning in addition to individual relative strength deficits around the hip, knee and ankle.

6 Month Review Goals

Full Range of movement
Functional and Strength tests: 85% of normal side
Return to non contact sports training

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