Potential Problems

Problems can occur. Some are minor but some may need another operation to help. It is clearly important to understand these risks before undergoing surgery.

The main risks include:

  • Failure to provide enough stability in the knee to allow return to full sporting activities. Either the ligament does not heal in a tight enough position to allow full confidence in the leg, or there is associated damage inside the knee that prevents return to full function.
  • Patella pain or discomfort in the front of the knee joint during activities such as squatting or sitting with the knee bent can develop in 10 – 20% of patients, but this usually improves with specific rehabilitation. More importantly, it can be prevented by appropriate early rehabilitation and by closely following the guidelines and advice in this booklet.
  • Complications of deep vein thrombosis, and wound infection can occur as in all operations. The risk is approximately 1 – 2%.
  • Re-rupture of the graft, which occurs in approximately 2 – 4% of cases over 10 years. This is similar to the risk of rupturing the ligament in the other knee.

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