Useful Links


Braces for OK knee
Breg brace company Webinar at Wexham Cruciate meeting Nov 2020

OA Nano brace from DonJoy

Fitting information

Unloader One brace from OSSUR: Unloading knee braces for knee pain, and information on knee arthritis  
Animation of unloading effect of Unloader one brace

Cold Therapy

Cryocuff from DonJoy

VPulse from Breg: Cold compression treatment

GameReady: Cold compression in hospital and rental​

Knee Braces and orthotics

Softec Brace from Bauerfeind UK
Braces from DonJoy UK: Outlet shop ‘Better braces’

Braces from Medi UK

Cartilage and Joint preservation

Patient information site – section of the ICRS (The International Cartilage Regeneration & Joint Preservation Society)

Knee General information sites

Ligament and Meniscus repair videos and information, from specialist company

Operation techniques and demonstrations from specialist company CONMED

Presentations from surgeons on knee surgery using specialist knee products from Conmed

Animation of Arthroscopy (others available on site)

Knee Dissection by Dr Rob LaPrade and Dr Jorge Chahla. (Requires Facebook Log in)

Information brochures produced through the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons – 

American Academy information on ACL Injuries

NuSurface meniscus replacement

ebook on meniscus replacement

NuSurface information: webinar on line

Ortho-biologics and injection treatments

Web site for information and presentations on the new biologics treatments

Glucosamine: overview of evidence 2020

Osteotomy information

Information on principle and overview of Tibial osteotomy from specialist surgeons

Interesting Medical Articles in the Press

Videos and animations of operative procedures

Tibial Osteotomy

Tibial Osteotomy

Understanding knee surgery – excellent animations from 

Meniscal transplant – an intresting article understanding Meniscal transplants –

Recent Open Access Publications for Mr Spalding

Recent Open Access Publications for Mr Spalding

Various national and international conferences are recorded and the content is available on line – this usually requires registration.

  • Vail International Complex Knee Symposium, 2015. Presentations and surgical demonstrations online collection. 16 cadaveric demonstration and dissection videos and 40 lecture presentations from world renowned faculty. play the video