Who needs a meniscus repair?

zones of the meniscus

Damage to the meniscus will result in one of the 3 following possible treatments depending on the location of the tear and the size of the tear.

1) Non – Surgical Treatment: If the tear is not causing symptoms, your knee can be treated with simple painkillers and physiotherapy. If the knee is not swelling up and not hurting anymore, no further treatment is necessary. If these treatments have been tried but do not seem to help with your knee problem, surgery may be required.

2) Surgical Treatment – Meniscal Repair: If the tear is fairly large and within the ‘red zone’ (see below picture), this means that it is likely to heal well with a meniscal repair.

3) Surgical Treatment – Partial Meniscectomy: If the tear is in the ‘white zone’ (see below picture), it is not suitable for repair as it is unlikely to heal very well, therefore it is best to cut out the affected portion in a procedure called a ‘partial meniscectomy’.